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Arrange your flight time:

Unfortunately we experience much to frequent that guests miss their flights. For this reason we would like to inform you about the most important intending supports. Please be punctual at the airport at your flight day. Please be at least 2 hours before there and make your check in. Only after you have delivered your luggage you can make your shoppings in the Duty Free Shop or drink a coffee. However please do not forget during your purchase intoxication that you enter the plane for your vacation.

The most important 3 things you should not forget:
The most important three things for each traveler: MONEY - PASSPORT - FLIGHT TICKET.
You must keep your money at a safe place. We recommend you a purse which you can hang around your neck and under your clothes. Purses which are carried in back part ashes , are very attractive repositories for thieves in the whole world. A further suggestion is that you distribute your money in smaller quantities at your body , so that you have still some money with yourselve, if it should come nevertheless to a misfortune.


Flight ticket and passport:

- Please take your confirmation of your flight ticket on time at your airline. Thus you do not turn out into surprising events as time delays, cancellations etc. at the airport. Otherwise you will probably come badly into stress, if you do not let confirm your flight. It is recommendable that you book and buy intermediate flights with the same agency likewise thereby you have direct partners. This is important for any incidents which could happen that there is partner there.

The loss of the passport is a very unpleasant theme. However please do not despair immediately and get also no panic. You should inform as fast as possible first your tour guide who stand to your side immediately as advisors with the necessary information. The next step will be the visit to your responsible consulate. There one they will introduce and advised you the further steps.

To pack Suit-cases easily:

- Always think of sudden weather changes. Carry for security a light raincoat forward.
- A roll suit-case is recommendable as hand baggage.
- Carry a small handicraft box with you. You will not believe how functionally such a mini toolbox in emergencies could be.
- Lists with the things you would like to take with you are always very helpful. Otherwise it can be possible that you say afterwards you forget so much things.

If you travel with children:

- If your child can read and write, take for them some books, Comics etc..
- For infants we recommend you to take toys with you.
- You should not give too much sweets before travel start to your child.
- Give your child the possibility to add its own interest articles in their bag. With this children get the feel of being special and important.
- For extreme emergencies, e.g. your child get lost, carry a photo with you.
- Your child should carry an address and a telephone number with them.

For women who travel alone:

- In some countries a ring at the finger deters unnecessary annoyances.
- Please do not forget to behave adapting and dressing to the respective culture at journeys in foreign countries. This shows your respect for the respective strange culture.
- For pregnant woman the preliminary investigation and the pieces of advice of the physician are very important.

Pieces of advice for the flight and for the airport:

- Do not forget that during the flight a very dry air is existing. Take for this reason as much liquid as it is possible for you.
- In order that the time during the flight pass, carry a book or a cross word mystery with you.
- In order to carry resistance the pressure out in your ears, take a chewing gum in your mouth.
- Some airports are very large and consist of 2 terminals. Not all of them are connected for this reason find exactly out where you have to go.
- At many airports taxes are taken. It is recommendable to inform yourselves about the amount before.In this case you do not get stress.
- Many airlines offer special meal menus to their passengers. Please ask your responsible travel agency, which are advise you in this theme.

General pieces of advice for your vacation:

- If you would like to have further informtaion about you vacation country please contact your respective consulate or tourist board.
- Please keep in your purse important information concerning your person, like full name, address, telephone, group of blood etc.,. This can possibly save their life.
- The emergency call numbers in the resort could be very helpful for you.
- You should travel with agencies which are represented locally. So you have the chance to have partners locally who could give you advices in situations which are new for you.
- If you think to rent a car at your vacation it is recommendable to use agencies locally. This is usually more favorable than as in your homeland. However you should pay attention to the insurance and your rights. In addition, stranger agencies work also conscientiously and professionel.
- You should never keep only all your money in your purse. In emergencies you should always have little bit money on the side.
- If you are in a country where generally english language is few spoken, you could get advices in your hotel.
- You should always have something change for the porters in your pocket. Please do not forget that giving tip belongs to the good behaviour.
- Take a dictionary with the other language with you. Who knows maybe you could learn a second language in your vacation country.
- Usually the prices are cheaper in southern countries than in your homeland. That can be much for your advantage.
- If you should be pupils and/or student, you can procure yourselves an internationally recognizable document of identification. The reason is that you receive privileges in many institutions such as museums.

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